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“CoSearch is a proven incubator of interdisciplinary research. It brings together great minds from different fields to seek solutions to social problems. It embodies the type of research with relevance we seek at Texas State.”

-Dean Fleming, College of Fine Arts and Communication

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"Faculty should come to CoSearch to get out of their silos, re-energize their research agendas and broaden their scope of how interdisciplinary processes can more effectively solve social problems."

-Christine Norton, Associate Professor of Social Work, CoSearch 2018 judge

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"If your research project is stuck, I think attending CoSearch is one of the best steps you can take toward moving forward. You’ll not only gain different viewpoints on the same issue, but you even have the opportunity of building a team of passionate individuals who can help you see your idea through to completion."

-Michael Maresca, Lead Voice Faculty, Musical Theatre Program

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"It was joyful to co-present with my new colleagues that I had just met the day before! I like that we all took a small part of the presentation so it truly was all three of us telling our small part of the story." 

-Kim Belick, Clinical Assistant Professor, 3rd place team member at CoSearch 2018

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